About Me

Merel ten Boom



My name is Merel ten Boom and I am a cosplayer, I currently cosplay as a hobby, but i hope to become a professional cosplayer one day.
I live in the Nederlands in the provincie Friesland, I am 21 years old and I am a student learning to become a programmer.
My hobby's are Aikido, watching anime and crafting things for my cosplays.

I have been cosplaying for 2 years now and i have multiple costumes from anime characters to horror characters.
I am always present at the major conventions in the Netherlands and you can find me on stage every so often at dutch comic con.
I love to do photoshoots and I am always available for projects.

At last I am a transgender cosplayer MTF (for more about that story check My Wattpad)and I cosplay also as a way of self expression, I am a supporter of the LGBT community.
I find it very important that you can be who you are and that you can cosplay who ever you want boy,girl,hero,vilian,beast or princess you are beautiful.
Also there is no such thing as a "bad cosplay": The most important thing above all is TO HAVE FUN.